• 50 GSM non-woven spun bond polypropylene.
  • Disposable full body
  • Fluid repellent
  • Nylon zipper at the front
  • Elastic Sleeves, Hem and Hood of the coverall


Avoid intense Heat, direct or naked flame, sparks or hot surfaces. The coverall can being to melt at 120 degrees Celsius

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  • Visor material: 400 Micron PET/PVC, 100% recyclable
  • Headband material: 400 Micron PET/PVC, 100% recyclable
  • Maximum height: 325mm
  • Wrap around length: 250mm (ear to ear)
  • Nominal assembled product weight: 57g
  • This product is sensitive to heat and should be stored under general room temperature conditions.
  • Not to be exposed to heat.


  1. Place strap back side of visor and clip two round hooks into the relevant slots.
  2. Take visor and place on front of forehead and adjust strap accordingly to fit head size.
  3. Lock the ratchet in place and visor is complete.
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  • Single use disposable Lab Coat made from breathable spunbonded polypropylene, which is non-woven and microporous.
  • Provides an excellent microbial barrier as well as a superior physical barrier to contaminants and fluids.
  • The material is sturdy and has both anti-static and fluid resistance/repellent properties for increased wearer protection.
  • Coat was carefully designed to have a generous cut for comfort and mobility.
  • Single collar with snap-press buttons and elastic cuffs.
  • stitched seams for extra durability.
  • Available in sizes: L
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A strong disinfectant formulated in conjunction with a trolley wipe for use as sanitizing agent on various surfaces such as, washrooms, factory floors and food preparatory areas. The disinfectant has excellent residual sanitizing hygiene combined with good cleaning ability

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